EPSON F2100 Direct to Garment Printer

EPSON F2100 Direct to Garment Printer

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The Best just got Better! Building on the success of the SureColor F2000, the #1 selling direct-to-garment printer, the new SureColor F2100 raises the bar with increased reliability, greater productivity, and enhanced print quality.

Introducing the new SureColor F2100 printer. This printer improves upon the SureColor F2000 in three key areas:

- Reliability o Inline Cleaning cartridge – Automatically performed to save time and ensure proper maintenance o Triple Filtered White Ink – Reduced white ink nozzle clogging for greater up-time and reliability

- Performance o Up to Twice as fast – New print modes offer up to 2x Light Garment Speed, and 33% faster dark garment speed. o Garment Grip Pad - Faster and more accurate garment loading than traditional platen hoop

- Quality o Highlight White – Simultaneous printing of white and color on top coat for brighter white with minimal increase in white ink use o PrecisionDot – Variable droplet technology and image processing for smoother gradients, sharp detail, and greater range of color.

Simple upgrade path and scalable design with high degree of cross-compatibility between SureColor F-Series Direct-to-Garment printer models: - Consumables– Both SureColor F2000 and F2100 printers utilize the same UltraChrome DG inks cartridges, pretreatment solution, and maintenance kits.

- Print Platens – Utilizing a common platen mounting system, all existing platens compatible between with both model printers.

- Physical Footprint – Both models share the same physical dimensions and feet positions.